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Symantec Partner Program campaign

Roles: Designer

Symantec began a multimedia campaign to increase membership in the Symantec Partner Program, an online community of developers and service providers. Our team provided two of the interactive components of the campaign: a CD-ROM demonstration of the PartnerNet extranet, and the redesigned Symantec Partner Program website.

The PartnerNet CD-ROM contained a Flash-based instructional walkthrough of Symantec’s dedicated extranet for partners (image 2 of 3). To shorten the user’s learning curve, the navigation was designed to mirror the existing PartnerNet interface, and modules were constructed that provided step-by-step instructions for each section. This modular setup also meant the experience could be either self-running or self-guided to suit the user’s need.

The redesign of the Symantec Partner Program website coincided with a design overhaul of the entire Symantec corporate site. To fit this new look and feel, more business imagery was added that focused on collaboration and technological expertise, two tenets of the program (image 3 of 3). We also updated the color-coding of each section to fit Symantec’s expanded corporate color palette.