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Primavera website

Roles: Assistant Designer, Site Maintenance & Flash updates

Weighing in at over 600 pages, the redesigned website for Primavera Systems Inc. has been the most complex web project in which I’ve played a role. The client, creators of project- and enterprise-management software, approached our team asking for more excitement and interactivity on their website.

That wouldn’t be hard, considering the site they had at the time was a soulless mass of red, white and black.

Our redesign centered around the success of Primavera’s clients. The new home page featured a rotating array of case studies, noting how Primavera software helped manage such massive projects as the rebuilding of the Pentagon, construction of Three Gorges Dam, and IT overhaul of AFLAC insurance.

Focusing on these testimonials helped create a sense of community among Primavera users and proved the truth behind their tagline: project success = business success™.

Technically, this redesign was a great learning experience:

  • I had previously hand-coded all my websites, lacking trust in WYSIWYG programs. The timeline and size of this project demanded that I learn Dreamweaver, specifically for its template features.
  • In my previous experience with Flash, I had used it strictly as an animation tool. With the Primavera redesign, we fulfilled the client’s request for more interactivity by producing the navigation menus within Flash. The act of regularly taking apart the navigation to make revisions, troubleshoot problems, and add new quarterly case studies increased my comfort level with Flash’s interactive capabilities.
  • Even though I would’ve preferred developing good web QC measures in some other way, dealing with a micromanaging client contact forced me to be buttoned up about even the smallest details.