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Genworth Financial microsite

Roles: Art Director, Relief Account Manager

When Genworth Financial approached our team for help in implementing a new brand strategy, they were a relatively unknown name that had recently acquired GE Financial’s insurance holdings. They needed to transition their agents from a GE mindset to a Genworth mindset and raise their profile within the marketplace.

Our first directive was to illustrate their new brand strategy and generate interest among Genworth’s agents. Our team accomplished this using a Flash presentation for an agent conference (image 2 of 3). This interactive kiosk mapped out the entire strategy and walked through each point of contact with prospects, showing how leads from all different media could be funneled straight to an agent. The high demand that this presentation generated meant we had to put the remainder of the strategy into effect quickly.

Speed was the main objective for our team in implementing the microsites. We focused on scalability, designing the sites for quick replication. Their templatized nature meant that dozens of microsites could be rolled out in a short amount of time and branded as third-party endorsements for Genworth’s channel partners such as Reader’s Digest, Good Sam Club and the NRA.

As a creative product, the microsite needed subdued imagery to balance out the fear-based copy (“$60,000 a year for in home care.”). Forced to choose from the client’s limited database, we selected shots that best relayed hope: the promise of distant horizons, the serenity of fishing, and the inherent beauty of our golden years (image 3 of 3).