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Copper Mountain CD-ROM interface

Role: Interface Designer

For some clients, Powerpoint just doesn’t cut it. In presenting their products and services, they need more interactivity, smoother animation, and heightened visual appeal. When the Copper Mountain resort approached our team with these same needs, we recommended recreating their presentation within Flash.

In designing the interface, I used 4 key features to enhance the presentation:

  1. Intuitive navigation—
The CD-ROM served 2 purposes: speaker support for Copper Mountain sales reps and a standalone mail package to prospects. Neither audience would receive much instruction or training, so the layout utilizes a bank of large buttons for selecting 1 of 3 modules and arrow buttons to navigate within each module.
  2. Large scrolling imagery—
The photography is what really tells the Copper Mountain story. Yes, there are floorplans and nice shots of empty conference rooms, but it’s the recreational images (skiing, hiking, gourmet meals, rock climbing) that draw a prospect and their team to the conference center.
  3. Bottom text bank with secondary imagery—
Prospects who receive the CD-ROM by mail don’t get the privilege of having a sales rep present who can fill in the details, and sometimes sales reps need a little assistance when giving a pitch. One good sentence gives them all the clarity they need.
  4. The golden mean—
The smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the sum of the two. I’ll skip all the mathematical formulas and simply say that it’s a well-balanced layout.