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Varsity Spirit "Freedom" brochures

Roles: Copywriter, Designer


You see the cheerleaders waving the signs and know they’re probably raising funds for new uniforms or for an upcoming competition. Varsity Resources, a sub-brand of Varsity Spirit Corporation, knows that a charity carwash only collects so much and, therefore, offers other fundraising options to cheer squads.

Varsity had a series of conferences and tradeshows coming up and requested collateral that would drive traffic to the Varsity Resources booth. To increase response, they selected two premiums — a sign decorating kit and a mobile cheer amplifier — as giveaways to squads who purchased a fundraising package. While both of the offers were FREE, the brochures had to remain true to the fun and excitement of Varsity’s brand.

In crafting the copy, I slipped the pull of “FREE” into the benefits of the offers: Exercise your Freedom of Expression for the sign decorating kit, Exercise your Freedom of Speech for the amplifier.

Response from the hard-to-please client contact was surprising. He visited our offices soon after project completion and went from desk to desk asking everyone from senior art director to production manager if they were the one who had come up with the Freedom brochures, commending them for the buzz they had created around the Varsity offices. Even though inside I was screaming “It’s me! It’s me! I did ’em!”, I sat silently so as not to interrupt (which is quite modest). Since his praise became more effusive with every person he questioned, my silence also meant I didn’t have to miss a single word of his exultation (which is quite immodest).