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Ten Thousand Villages print ads

Roles: Copywriter, Designer, Photographer

Ten Thousand Villages Print Ad"Can't we list just a few more products?"

That was the consistent client feedback that I received on print ads for Ten Thousand Villages, a non-profit fair trade retailer. The only problem with their product list was that it skewed towards the obscure (furniture made from Peruvian driftwood!?)

So we gave them their product list, but used it as a canvas on which to craft a headline that speaks to the breadth of their inventory. This weaving headline adds not only balance to the overall layout but also eyeflow from the product images to the logo.

After the first round, the client requested that we include some "mission" language to educate the reader about their fair trade efforts — words like "justice" and "compassion".

The result of the new ad was easy to gauge after its first run. It brought in many new customers, each one mentioning "I saw your ad in Willamette Week." Booyah!