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Kellogg's 25-Year Club programs

Roles: Designer, Client Contact, Production Manager

If you listen to US employment statistics, we Americans change jobs about as often as we change our motor oil. So news of anyone staying at the same job for 25 years is rare. That’s why each Fall, the Kellogg’s plant in Memphis holds a banquet to honor the precious few that have lasted with them through 25 years.

Working closely with Kellogg’s events coordinator, I got to produce a few of the programs for these annual banquets. These were great all-encompassing projects through which I could hone essential skills aside from “design” — skills such as client management, vendor management, compiling specs, gathering quotes, copywriting, and press checks. I learned how to correct my mistakes, speak in the languages of both clients and vendors, and drive a project from concept to completion.

In 1999, the banquet’s theme of classic movies called to mind old posters yellowed with age and grand baroque-styled theaters with names like Orpheum and Rialto. The design attempted to carry out these elements while keeping within Kellogg’s brand and color guidelines (image 1 of 2). Copy portrayed the inductees as movie stars on the red carpet.

There wasn’t necessarily a theme for the 2000 banquet; the menu called for Chinese cuisine, and so the program followed suit (image 2 of 2). Concepts ranged from Chinese dragons to jade boxes to the simplicity and elegance of Mandarin calligraphy. Since the evening’s festivities were in honor of the inductees, we chose the Mandarin character for honor as the centerpiece of the final design. The client was so pleased with the result that she scrapped the placesettings she had originally ordered and set up the trifold programs in their place.