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Telcomm Services direct mail

Role: Copywriter

Most telephone inquiries made to auto dealerships are converted to sales within 72 hours. One client provided a service to track these incoming calls — even if no sales staff were available to take the call — and store any contact information in a database for later use.
Our team generated concepts for a 9x12 envelope package that would attract dealership owners and managers. The concepts above attempt to speak to these owners and managers (each a salesman at heart) in their own language:

  • searching down the right solution based on the customer’s specifications (image 1 of 3)
  • highlighting benefits such as “improved response”, “superior handling”, and “increased safety” (image 2 of 3)
  • playing to the salesman’s ego and experience in reading customers as soon as they set foot on the lot (image 3 of 3)

Why they’re in the morgue:

The client preferred a concept that made use of their database of testimonial quotes. That concept suggested that, using a digital press with variable-data capabilities, we could print different quotes on the cover. Each quote would be tied to a specific range of zip codes, so that the quote on the cover would be from a local competitor. Unfortunately, our definition of “a good databank of quotes” differed greatly from the client’s. Rather than diminish response with a variable mix of mediocre local quotes, we decided to print all mailers with the one strongest quote they had.