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Safety Eyewear postcards

Roles: Copywriter, Designer

NASCAR fans are some of the most brand-devoted consumers in the nation. Our client recognized a great sales opportunity within that fanbase — blue collar workers who require safety eyewear while on the job.

In 1999, the client rolled out a line of safety eyewear that would be branded for 8 to 12 NASCAR drivers: frames would reflect the color scheme of their car and the lens would bear the driver’s signature and logo. The first-touch postcard pictured above would have been sent out as an announcement of the NASCAR tie-in and impending product line, targeted to personnel and compliance managers.

Why this is in the morgue:
NASCAR drivers are notorious for changing teams and color schemes, sometimes even in mid-season. The client couldn't handle the burden that these constant changes would bring to their inventory and marketing materials. They wisely cut bait after a short initial run.