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Plus Four Productions logo development

Role: Designer

For over a decade, David Richardson has run Plus Four Productions, a one-man powerhouse for agencies that lack a production department or need to supplement the one they already have. As David went in search of more business, he found that he was also in need of a new business card and a new brand image.

He called me in for some help, so we went in search for the essence of his brand. We discussed the company’s name (in homage to his four sons), his range of services (every facet of print production and fulfillment short of being a pressman or a postman), even his favorite color (purple). And throughout every round of concepts and layouts, one idea shone through with overwhelming clarity: David has trouble making up his mind.

I started with a utilitarian card to stand out atop a desk littered with dozens of other business cards (image 2 of 4). It’s too bold. I moved to a storytelling card that graphically says, “David Richardson handles print production” (image 3 of 4). It’s too busy. The third design achieved what we were both shooting for, bringing attention to the Plus Four name while going just a little bit deeper (image 4 of 4).

David said of this final design: “I loved it when I first saw it, but it wasn’t until the second look that I got the ‘Aha!’” This design incorporates an element for each word in the name Plus (+) Four (4) Productions (printer’s registration mark), combining storytelling with a design that deserves a second look.