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Steve's Station Product Launch

Roles: Art Director, Copywriter

Radiology is a breeding ground for repetitive stress injuries. Sitting for up to 8 hours a day, for years on end, in the dark, hunched over X-rays and CT scans takes its toll on radiologists. That's why Anthro developed the adjustable Steve's Station desk, which our in-house Creative Team supported across 2 tradeshows.

The first tradeshow, NeoCon, served as Steve's Station's pre-release introduction. The attendees at NeoCon are what I lovingly refer to as "the wine and cheese crowd": architects and designers (who are looking for innovative products to include in their projects) and contract furniture dealers (who are looking for hassle-free ways to sell furniture into Healthcare). So in pulling together the various pieces for this show, I kept in mind their concerns for texture and color, how foot traffic flows through a room, and what products are going to help their proposals beat their competitors'.

  • Months before the show, I collaborated with Anthro's in-house Industrial Design Team to develop the table's user interface panels which featured a unique Steve's Station logo and subtle background pattern that tied in the up and down arrows of the height-adjusting pushbuttons.

  • I helped Anthro's Tradeshow Coordinator step beyond her usual Microsoft Visio space-planning tools by constructing a to-scale 3D paper model of the booth. This tool helped us more easily determine which wall and carpet color combinations worked best together, the optimal amount of Anthro furniture for the space, the best traffic flow, and where signage could easily be viewed from high-traffic areas.

  • For tradeshow collateral, I collaborated with Anthro's Healthcare Imaging Sales team to write and design "How to Sell into Healthcare Imaging". This booklet not only helped contract furniture dealers understand the radiology market but also positioned Anthro as the experts who could help them capture extra income with the ergonomic Steve's Station desk. And because Anthro was entering Steve's Station in the Best of NeoCon competition, I designed a bellyband for the booklet to brag about Steve's Station's "Most Innovative" win!

The second tradeshow, RSNA (Radiological Society of North America), served as Steve's Station's official product launch. RSNA is geared toward strait-laced radiologists (who feel they deserve the best ergonomic desk regardless of price) and directors of radiology (who want to increase revenues by keeping radiologists at that desk).

  • Anthro's pre-show ads and microsite took a cue from luxury car brands by positioning Steve's Station as the Rolls Royce of desks. These pieces utilized brightly lit visuals against a dark background, headlines that positioned Steve's Station as an "experience" rather that just another desk, and a call to action that invited them to be the first to "test drive" Anthro's radiology solutions at the booth.

  • Similar to the NeoCon preparations, I designed a to-scale 3D paper model of the booth to help our team visualize the look and flow of the space. The graphics of our new 16'-tall tower and the handout literature worked together perfectly to reinforce Steve's Station as a luxury experience for radiologists.