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MoveMore Integrated Campaign

Roles: Concept Developer, Copywriter, Art Director

We sit. A lot. The habit started in school where (in theory) we were expected to sit quietly and complete our work. And that mindset didn't change once we entered the workforce. But recent studies show that sitting for 8 hours a day is actually detrimental to our productivity and deteriorating our health. That's why, to better position themselves as a leader in workplace wellness, Anthro combined all of their height-adjustable sit/stand desks and carts into one family -- MoveMore. To help lay the groundwork for our in-house Creative Team, I generated the copy tone and campaign visuals that they could use to develop the full campaign.

When You Get Off Your Butt, Amazing Things Happen. I can't prove my Dad ever said this to me, but I'm pretty sure it was implied quite often in his advice. So when I wrote it as the MoveMore tagline it carried a broader meaning of making a positive change while also pinpointing the benefits of standing for a few hours during your workday: your circulation improves, good cholesterol goes up, bad cholesterol goes down, your back muscles strengthen, and you feel less fatigued. Now the word "butt" proved so polarizing that the tagline was cut from the final ads (I kid you not), but it was a great spark for our Social Media Writer who developed it into an full article surrounding MoveMore and workplace wellness.

For the visual component of the MoveMore campaign, I started (as usual) with sketching, experimenting to find the perfect balance of Anthro's products and the unseen benefits of standing throughout your workday (Focus, Energy, Fitness, Creativity). The breakthrough came as I started playing with the shadows of the people using the desks, contrasting their standing with dynamic shadows of yoga poses, leaping, stretching, and celebrating. As I worked through these visuals, the idea surfaced that the benefits of MoveMore aren't just tied to what you can DO when you stand throughout your workday -- they're more strongly tied to what you can BE. This concept caught on with the rest of the Creative Team who were excited to help generate additional shadow/benefit combinations for the campaign. I disguised a brainstorm meeting as a big game of Pictionary where each team member sketched shadows on the whiteboard while the rest of us guessed the benefit that was tied to it. It was a great bonding experience. Everyone was laughing. Everyone participated -- Designers, Admins, SEO, and I think someone from HR even came by and sketched a few shadows after the meeting was done. In the end, everyone contributed in some way to the initial campaign launch:
- Be More Focused (shadow in a yoga pose)
- Be More Active (shadow running)
- Be More Energized (shadow leaping)
- Be More Awesome (photo bomb shadow with hands raised)