Modest :: the Michael Morris Portfolio

a modest bio

Little Michael Morris If you’re interested mainly in my professional experience, you can download a copy of my resumé MichaelMorris.pdf) and examine the other pages within this portfolio.

But I certainly don’t want to give the impression that what I bring to the table is wrapped up solely in my resumé and portfolio. Nor is it wrapped up in the philosophy that follows, but at least it's a start.

First, why is this site “modest”?
Focusing your attention on my individual strengths and abilities has a time and a place (like my resumé, for instance). But when it comes to discussing the work — the projects in which others have also invested their late nights and their stress — I think it’s best to be modest. In that scenario, a modest approach is the most honest approach: I played a role within a team, and the result is some work that I’m darn proud of. Sometimes I give direction, sometimes I take direction, but it’s always within the context of a team.

Second, what's with all the sketches?
While a finished project is proof of skill, a sketch is proof of an idea. Even if it's a sketch of an anthropomorphic wolf with sideburns, dogtags and a matchstick in its teeth (I honestly don’t know why I drew that in the first place).

Lastly, isn’t this page supposed to contain a bio of some sort?
Yes, it is. Here’s a modest snippet:

My dog was named Spot. Very original.

My earliest memory is a tonsillectomy at age three.

Stretching to catch a pop fly on the last out of the game is one of the best feelings in the world.

Dad meant every word when he said, “If you get in trouble at school, you’ll get it twice as bad when you get home.”

On occasion, I’ve had more stitches on my head than hair.

My favorite joke is about a lady passing gas on a crowded bus: she’s embarrassed and would love to hide, so she asks the gentleman sitting next to her if she can see a section of his newspaper. He replies, “No. But if you’d like, I’ll grab a few leaves off the next tree we pass.”

My first driving experience was steering from the passenger seat while my sister Lori (in the driver’s seat) put on her makeup in the rearview mirror.

I was voted "Happiest" my junior year of high school.

My first kiss lasted .2 seconds. I was in the 12th Grade. Pathetic.

I tried to become an extrovert my freshman year of college, but it didn’t take.

My favorite souvenir from backpacking across Europe is now my wife. Our three kids will be the only native Oregonians that say “y’all”.

When we get a dog, we’ll name it Spot.